Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet-tipsWe are going to share some great tips to care for your carpet, including nifty carpet vacuuming ideas, how to remove carpet stains, and choosing an affordable, reliable, and dependable vacuum.

Vacuum Daily

Carpet works like a giant air filter, collecting dirt, dust, and debris frequently on a day to day basis. These dirty air particles act like quality sandpaper, wearing down carpet fibers over time. By vacuuming high-soil areas in the entries and toward the front of your home, you can surprisingly add years to the life of your carpet.

If an area generates a lot of routine foot traffic, we recommend you vacuum high traffic areas daily.

Take Your Time

In the process of vacuuming, take your time and use overlapping strokes. Try to slowly maneuver the vacuum during each forward and backward stroke, to make sure to give the vacuum time to do its work.

Treat Stains Right Away!

Carpet Cleaning Tips | Carpet Cleaning Advise | Carpet Cleaning Orange County | Orange County Carpet Cleaners

Attend to carpet stains immediately, if possible. Most carpets in today’s market are made to resist liquid penetration for a certain amount of time. If you just blot (Never Rub!) the stain dry with a clean cloth right away, the stain may not have a chance to set on your carpet floors.

If this doesn’t work, we usually recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

Match Your Vacuum to Your Needs



Pick vacuums based on functions as opposed to price tags.

Have pet that sheds?

  • Pick a vacuum with a hose and multiple attachments.

Dealing with lots of Stairs?

  • Go light, or find one with a removable stair-cleaning attachment.

Take Care of Your Vacuum

Empty the canister or bag routinely, check hoses for clogs, and change the filter when it starts to turn gray. Quality vacuums should last you at least 5-10 years if care for and maintain properly.

Try Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company.

Carpet Cleaning Tips | Carpet Cleaning Advise | Carpet Cleaning Orange County | Orange County Carpet Cleaners

Consider having your carpet professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. Portable rental machines from your local super market may require special carpet cleaning solutions that can leave dirt which can attract residue. Use a reputable professional carpet cleaning service instead.

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